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Meet Prinicpal Angela Wright

Principal Wright has worked as a teacher and administrator, but  consider her most important job to be that of a child advocate. She spends a lot of time with students, getting to know their personalities, learning styles and interests. She celebrates their successes, small and large. Her mission, as a school team, will encourage students every day and let them know they are valued and have a special place in our school community.

Not only is Principal Wright excited to begin working with your children, but she looks forward to the work we will do together. As the old African Proverb states, “It takes a village to raise a child.” She is excited to see your children through your eyes. Principal Wright cannot wait to share with you the great things our scholars will  do throughout their days here at Fairfield Court Elementary. And of course she will be here to work with you should they need any help navigating any aspect of the school day. Her goal is to ensure that all children are healthy, happy and safe, so they may learn as much as they can every day.

Our counselor and social worker will be teaching the 2nd Step Program, which focuses on the emotional, social and academic aspects of the child. This has been Principal Wright's philosophy since she began her career teaching in 1994. She has also facilitated professional development and parent workshops. Principal Wright previously worked in Caroline County for twelve years as a teacher and administrator, continuing to reach and teach student leaders on the middle school level. She spent  three years at John B. Cary Elementary in Richmond, Virginia, before transitioning to Fairfield Court Elementary. Principal Wright's greatest achievement comes not professionally, but personally, as she is the mother of two grown sons, Joshua and Caleb, who have carved their own path in the world as young black men. People often say she treats all children in the school as if they were her own. Please know Principal Wright will work tirelessly to ensure all your children have the best possible experiences while at Fairfield Court Elementary.


Meet Assistant Principal Natasha Henderson

The 2023-2024 school year will be Assistant Principal Henderson's sixth year as the Assistant Principal at Fairfield Court Elementary School. She has over 27 years of experience with Richmond Public Schools, where she spent the last 25 years as an exceptional education teacher.

Assistant Principal Henderson's goal at Fairfield Court Elementary School is to provide a safe, nurturing and positive learning environment. Ensuring all students receive the best academic instruction in an atmosphere with high expectations. She is open to suggestions and recommendations on how WE can continue to make Fairfield Court Elementary School a better place for our students. As a team, we have the capabilities of providing an educational environment suitable for our community.

Assistant Principal Henderson looks forward to working with students, staff, parents as well as the community to continue to make Fairfield Court School the best!

Meet Academic Administrative Dean Nsombi Morrison

Dean Morrison is greatly enthusiastic and excited for the 2023-2024 school year.  She is truly honored to work with Principal Wright and Assistant Principal Henderson, as well as the rest of the staff, in efforts to do whatever it takes to advance the achievement of all students at Fairfield Court Elementary School. Working together, she is confident that we will continue to provide our students with a truly challenging and enriching school experience. Fairfield Court Elementary School is a special and unique community of which Dean Morrison is proud to be a part of.

Dean Morrison is entering her twenty-third year in education where she spent fourteen years as a classroom teacher, before moving into an instructional coaching position for five years. Dean Morrison believes the elementary school years are important and critical times for students. What happens during these years will have a lasting impression on their growth and development. Her goal as Academic Administrative Dean is to provide the leadership that will facilitate a school environment that is safe and respectable, in order for your child to receive the best possible academic instruction. She is confident that our school will continue to be a place where students can learn and grow academically and socially.